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Impeach Governor Jay Inslee

Impeach Governor Jay Inslee
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We the people of Washington State are calling for the impeachment of Governor Jay Inslee


Violating our Constitutional rights. Completely ignoring due process and constitutionally mandated legislation.

Based on twisted and unsubstantiated Covid 19 testing data, with disregard for documented compelling decrease in death rate data. Intentionally and blatantly, without any regard for small businesses, unilaterally implemented, without due process and based on unfounded Covid 19 “infection rate” data, closure of vitally important foot traffic and in-dining services.

With disregard for compelling medical research data, unilaterally mandated the wearing of face masks, which have also not been proven to stop the so-called “spread” of Covid 19 but causes an adverse, negative effect on Washington State public health. And furthermore uses non-sanctioned government offices to police offenders, imposing unfounded and illegal fines. And not withstanding uses government pressure forcing small businesses to impose the unfounded “mandates” upon their patrons.

Knowingly and with malice, using the tactic of insinuation, violated our God given right to move freely, by limiting the population of our domiciles, free air public markets and places of business and private free air establishments.

Not upholding the Oath of Office and protecting our State and Federal Constitution.

Mr. Inslee, you do NOT own Washington State - we the residence do. From day one, we do not and have not, supported or subscribed to your draconian-style so-called leadership, trampling our rights as citizens.


Our intention is, through the impeachment process, to remove you from office and take our state back.


We call on elected state and local officials to support our request to implement and orchestrate the impeachment process of Governor Jay Inslee

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Letter to
13th District Washington State House Representative , Tom Dent
15th District Washington State House Representative , Bruce Chandler
16th District Washington State House Representative , Bill Jenkin
7th District Washington State House Representative , Joel Kretz
14th District Washington State House Representative , Gina Mosbrucker
42nd District Washington State House Representative , Luanne Van Werven

Impeach Governor Jay Inslee


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Dave Macentire
Dave Macentire


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