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We the undersigned, hereby demand that a complete audit of the "Dominion Voting Systems" voting machines be performed prior to the convening of the Electoral College on December the 14th, 2020. We ask that the state impounds the machines to ensure firmware is neither tampered with nor removed. We specifically forbid representatives of LHS Associates servicing of the machines until said forensic testing can be completed.

In coordination, we request a complete manual recount of paper ballots in all New Hampshire counties as it has been revealed that "Dominion" (a foreign entity) maintains complete care, custody, and control over the electronic tallying of votes following each voter's submittal into the hand-fed voting machines in question. We furthermore demand full and complete transparency of the requested recount to include live video footage to be streamed to the public.

We acknowledge that the entire New Hampshire voting apparatus has not been replaced due to the prohibitive costs of certifying new systems as outlined in The Penn Wharton report cited below. However, we firmly demand that the Dominion system be eliminated and replaced by Hart Inter Civic or another comparable/reputable system prior to any and all upcoming state and/or national elections.

We demand that all considered replacement voting machine companies and their derivatives/subsidiaries be exhaustively examined to ensure integrity; demonstrate practicable security from hacking and other electronic intrusions; are owned, and under the explicit care, custody, and control of a nonpolitical American entity impervious to lobbyists; and that the will of the people is protected.

It has become apparent that New Hampshire's antiquated voting machines under the brand name AccuVote were acquired by Dominion Voting Systems in or around the year Two Thousand and Ten. Dominion itself is a foreign corporation domiciled in Canada which partners with a software company known as Smartmatic chiefly owned by an entity in Venezuela which farms the voting tally to (yet another) foreign entity in Barcelona, Spain known as Scytl.

Though our state's machines may not be subject to Smartmatic, they have been updated by GEMS firmware which brings to the forefront yet another disturbing possibility of "fractionalizing" votes as demonstrated by a study conducted by Black Box Voting.

Representatives of our great state have assured us that Dominion does NOT own the machines and that Diebold/Premier last serviced the machines in 2010. This is simply impossible since Diebold sold it's voting machine division to ES&S in 2009 which later sold the company to Dominion in 2010. Most recently, it has been reported that Dominion was sold to a Chinese firm.

We further contend that the claim that our machines are not connected to the internet is also suspect since the Accuvote OS is equipped with a serial port capable of receiving a USB that can be removed and uploaded to "election central" per the notations on LHS Associate's website. (LHS, located in Salem, is the election services company that updates, maintains, and supports our Accuvote OS machines.) LHS utilizes Dominion supplies and we believe that Dominion's proprietary involvement, alone, raises grave concerns regarding the veracity of our election results.

We the undersigned believe the integrity or our election has been severely breached and that foreign interference has (possibly) conspired to flip votes from one party to another. We contend that recent Congressional Hearings in September of 2017 provide expert testimony as to the veracity and probability of this claim. We also direct your attention to the Penn Wharton Election Technology Industry Report which sets forth a detailed examination of the matter at hand to include the cost prohibitive factors cited above and the market penetration of Dominion Voting Systems within our state.

We contend that there is irrefutable evidence that Dominion Voting Systems was originally created in Venezuela and specifically engineered to alter votes in order to defy the will of the people of other countries to include the United States. The act of altering a vote or changing ballots is a federal felony and we question the financial interests of our elected officials who bought into, implemented, and bestowed upon our American voters...this travesty.

It is incontrovertible that Dominion was funded by China, Cuba, and Venezuela and that their combined geopolitical adversity to the United States constitutes clear suspicion of "foreign election interference". Our New Hampshire Legislators, Governor, and Executive Council therefore should not have, in good conscience, certified the election results in their current incarnation having been extracted, corrupted and altered by this foreign enemy. In effect, the true results of our election are impossible to determine without disregarding, entirely, the electronic exportation of our votes to Dominion.

Consequently, we strongly prohibit any forthcoming willful ignorance as to the allegations set forth in this petition, and will construe inaction as conspiring to defy the will of New Hampshire citizens. We demand the attention of our Legislators and compel them to assert their duties under the U.S. Constitution by means of intervention.

It is imperative that our election integrity be restored and preserved today and for the future; and that the will of all New Hampshire legal voters is ensured, protected; and ultimately and accurately decreed. Furthermore, we are concerned for the integrity of our "first in the nation" primary and fear that a state such as Texas (which vehemently rejected Dominion) will be in a position to replace our sacred and unique position as we will have lost all credibility.

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Letter to
Governor Of New Hampshire, Chris Sununu
Secretary Of State, William Gardner



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David Zimmelman
David Zimmelman

FYI: is completely blacklisted on Facebook and other platforms. Gonna have to get creative.

David Zimmelman
David Zimmelman

I agree the Dominion-supported machines need to go. However, before a recount is done we need a full audit of same-day registrations and ID-less, affidavit voters to ensure the ballots cast are too, correct. Several NH representatives I have spoken to are more concerned with these “loopholes” than the ballot-counting machines, which does have data to suggest they are FAR more secure than the newer machines used in the states being sued by the President’s legal team.

David Zimmelman
David Zimmelman

Compiled correspondence between myself and various NH Representatives:

David Zimmelman
David Zimmelman

For context, in 2016, 5,313 of the 6,540 same-day registrations had NO USPS change-of-address, DMV registrations or vehicle registrations, 10 MONTHS AFTER THE ELECTION. Rep. Jan Schmidt (Nashua 1) has _assured_ me that this is _not_ an issue, whatsoever, and all of the reps do a perfect job maintaining the voter lists. Forgive me, Rep. Schmidt, but your dismissive and quite frankly defensive responses to my earnest inquiries are LESS THAN REASSURING.

J.M. Donahue
J.M. Donahue

SUNUNU family conflict of interest; must recuse himself from these conversations. Furthermore, ballot stuffing is not new in NH. Anyone remember the 2008 vote count in Concord for Dr Ron Paul? It was a disgrace then and continues to haunt us. Papa Sununu is also the *stalwart* who changed national party rules re delegate counts at the 11th hour of the national GOP convention to prevent Dr Paul’s delegates from speaking or voting…the apple doesn’t fall far from teh tree. DO NOT CERTIFY VOTES IN NH until a full audit of the voting machines…and what the h#ll happened in Nashua?

Andrew O.
Andrew O.

Restore election integrity!

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